Become a Certificate Holder of Google AdWords with the Help of Practice Tests

The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation, which Google gives to the companies and individuals who show proficiency in AdWords. It is basically a badge that you will be able to show off on your website, resume, and social profiles in order to drive more sales for your company or business. Author: Mary C You will be able to display your certificate to show that Google recognizes you as an advanced AdWords user.

The Google AdWords credential is meant to set a part of those businesses that have proven and dedicated proficiency with the platform from the businesses that don’t.

Basic Details of Google AdWords Certification Exams

The first step to getting the Google AdWords credential is to sign up for Google Ads and have a Skill shop account. You will have a profile account, which you need to fill out with contact information. After that, you may proceed. Author: Elizabeth W There are 5 certifications that you can choose from the whole program:

  • Google Ads Search;
  • Google Ads Display;
  • Google Ads Measurement;
  • Google Ads Video;
  • Author: Sarah J
  • Google Ads Apps.

All these badges from the Google AdWords certification program are of the Beginner level, and the vendor offers an additional credential for each of them so that you get the required fundamental skills before going for the certificate you are interested in Author: Ann K The tests cover various topics, including AdWords processes, benefits of online advertising, and best practices for campaign management.

Regarding the specialty of exams, Google Ads Search is the most widely popular credential because it covers the area that the marketers use the most often on the platform. The Google Ads Display certification is the second most applicable and popular choice for the marketers. All the certificates also have optional assessments that you can take to get additional knowledge and skills. Author: Jane D Each specialty exam has a passing grade of 80% or above. Most of them have approximately 100 questions that should be taken within 100 to 120 minutes.

Preparation Options for Google AdWords Certification Exams

For those who are new to both the Ads and the certification tests, the Google Ads Search certificate is the best starting point. You can also take specific training tied to each test that you are planning to take. Author: Emma W It is important that you go through the exam modules even if you have a deeper exposer, or you have been managing Ads campaign.

Exam dumps are quite helpful in this case. They are typically written in a similar format as they usually appear in the real exams. The same is true about practice tests. In fact, the use of dumps is the most recommended method of preparation for any of the Google AdWords certification exams. The questions are presented with correct answers that have been explained in the simplest way. Practice tests help the candidates know their readiness for the exam.


Depending on your career path and role, the Google AdWords badge can be a great additional specialization to get. Once you have obtained it, you should be more confident and proud of your accomplishment. So, good luck to you!

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