In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2026) – by Design, Application, Capacity and Geography

In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market is estimated to reach US$ XX Mn by 2026 in terms of revenue with CAGR of XX% in the forecasting period 2019-2026.

In-pipe hydro systems market are relatively easy to set up and don’t require additional infrastructure or substantial upfront capital. This has shown highly useful to their market. Other factors, serving to boost their uptake are the swift pace of urbanization and an equally frantic pace of construction activities, globally.


Policy hold up by governments of developing as well as developed nations for generation of renewable energy and technology conservation like in pipe hydro systems are helping in catalysing the market growth. In-pipe hydro systems implies the use of microturbines that can be embedded inside an existing network of pipelines, and make use of the natural gravitational water flow within the pipes towards the high-pressure heads.

In-pipe hydro systems are essentially microturbines, designed to be embedded within or onto the existing pipeline network having natural gravity flow of water with high-pressure heads. These turbines transform the energy of flowing water into electricity that can be consumed locally or sent back to the main grid. Besides the reduced cost of power generation and moderate capital investment, rampant urbanization and the subsequent building activities are also majorly fuelling the global in-pipe hydro systems. The energy produced by the in-pipe hydro system eliminates the weather dependency, which is observed with the energy produced by other Designs of renewable-based energy generation systems.

In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market is segmented into design, application, capacity, and region. On the basis of design, the internal systems accounted for a lion’s share of 80.0% in the market in 2017. The internal systems are installed inside the pipe, therefore its specification depends upon the diameter of the pipe. External systems are installed onto the pipe but they require enclosure vaults. The external pipe hydro system provides greater flexibility in terms of installation, but it needs larger vaults for installation over the pipe.

Based on application, the wastewater segment is the most attractive segment in the overall in pipe hydro systems market and is expected to remain most lucrative during the forecast period. The industrial water system segment holds the major market share for 2017 and expected to maintain steady growth for the forecast period. In terms of capacity, interestingly for the forecasted period, growth in terms of CAGR is more for the Pico turbines.

In terms of region, North America holds the key market share followed by Asia Pacific & Europe. North-America is expected to occupy the maximum market share, during the forecast period. However, the market attractiveness is showing interesting growth trend in the Asia Pacific region for the forecast period.

Some of the key prominent market players in the In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market are Xinda Green Energy., Hydrospin Ltd., Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric Ltd., Fuji Electric, Lucid Energy, Tecnoturbines, Natel Energy Inc., Canyon Hydro, Rentricity, HS Dynamic Energy and Energy Systems & Design.


The Scope of The In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market:

In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market, by Design

• Internal Systems
• External System
In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market, by Application

• Wastewater System
• Industrial Water System
• Irrigation System
• Residential
In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market, by Capacity

• Micro Hydro (5kW – 100 kW)
• Pico Hydro (Less than 5kW)
In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market, by Geography

• North America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• Latin America
Key Players operating in the In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market:

• Xinda Green Energy.
• Hydrospin Ltd.
• Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric Ltd.
• Fuji Electric
• Lucid Energy
• Techno turbines
• Natel Energy Inc.
• Canyon Hydro
• Rentricity
• HS Dynamic Energy
• Energy Systems & Design
• Kubota Corporation
• Arup
• Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems
• San Antonio Water System
• GS-Hydro


Chapter One: In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Overview

Chapter Two: Manufacturers Profiles

Chapter Three: Global In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Competition, by Players

Chapter Four: Global In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Size by Regions

Chapter Five: North America In-Pipe Hydro Systems Revenue by Countries

Chapter Six: Europe In-Pipe Hydro Systems Revenue by Countries

Chapter Seven: Asia-Pacific In-Pipe Hydro Systems Revenue by Countries

Chapter Eight: South America In-Pipe Hydro Systems Revenue by Countries

Chapter Nine: Middle East and Africa Revenue In-Pipe Hydro Systems by Countries

Chapter Ten: Global In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Segment by Type

Chapter Eleven: Global In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Segment by Application

Chapter Twelve: Global In-Pipe Hydro Systems Market Size Forecast (2019-2026)

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