The director said something that made Priyanka Chopra reject the film that was shot for 2 days, find out!

The director said something that made Priyanka Chopra reject the film that was shot for 2 days, find out!

There are many actors in the Bollywood industry who had to face many things when they were new to the industry. If we talk about Priyanka Chopra, when she was new to the film industry, she also met different types of people. Once in a show, Priyanka had told how the director had hit her and that director told Priyanka a very obscene thing which pierced Priyanka’s mind a lot.

Priyanka said that once she was working with a director whom she felt like choking him to death. It happened to me as a girl but I will never forget it. I don’t come from any film background and I don’t have a godfather in this industry. So in this industry when you are the only girl people take advantage of it. This was that time when she didn’t even have a roof over her head.

However, my parents raised me on some principles, and Priyanka said that such things happened to me many times so she would leave the film and leave. I am a very self-respecting girl. My self-esteem is very important to me. Priyanka said that when that director tried to talk obscenely to me, I had just started working in films.

At the time, the director was talking to my dress designer. Maybe that director knew I was standing next to him. At that time, the designer said a very cheap thing, ‘The dress should be so short that …..’ the next part of the sentence is so obscene, that I don’t even feel like saying it out loud. It hit me so hard that my head started spinning. We had completed 2 days of shooting. Then the next day I just returned to my house.

Being new to the industry, I didn’t even have that much money. So when I got home, I told my mother to give them back their signing amount as well as the amount spent in these two days. Because I don’t want to do this movie, I’m leaving this movie. Maybe even that director didn’t know why I was doing this. But if the director is watching the show now, he will definitely get his reason. I never worked with them again after that.

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