Why you should use the services of a registered real estate agent

Why you should use the services of a registered real estate agent

Agents are an integral part of realty transactions and the city of Mumbai is no different. Hence, it is important to engage a reliable, trustworthy and confirmed agent, who you can bank upon to get you through complex real estate transactions. Having said this, you always have an option of online transaction. For this, you only need to visit Housing.com, one of the most credible online real estate portals in India to finalize your dream home and proceed with the transaction offline with complete peace of mind. However, if you still wish to transact offline, you must at all times hire the services of verified agents. You can get access to several verified agents across Mumbai or any other state, city or town in India through Housing.com. You can search for the best agents on this site from the comfort of your home or on the move through Housing’s state of the art ‘Look Up’ app. Here are some of the important benefits of using the services of registered property dealers in Mumbai. 

Freedom from anxiety and stress


Buying, selling or renting any kind of real estate asset involves good amount of monetary transaction and therefore the unease and stress is only natural. Nonetheless, if you opt for the services of registered real estate dealers in Mumbai, you will not have to go through any of the hardships and this will be taken care of by the agent. A good agent is someone who ensures that the services offered are not only easy and smooth but are also amongst the best and stand out in the crowd. Though this will not be the case with any hearsay or self-proclaimed unverified agents who are out there just to cheat you and extract some quick money out of you. The unregistered brokers are the ones who will play with your psychology, compel you to make mistakes and drain you mentally. Hence such individuals/entities must be avoided at all cost come what may.

Seamless transaction

The other most critical advantage of hiring registered property brokers in Mumbai is that you do not have to worry about your transaction process. The entire deal is executed diligently and in a thoroughly professional manner. Here are some of the steps taken by credible agents:

  • Adherence to timelines
  • Complete transparency
  • Prices are pre-negotiated
  • No deviation from the commitment – verbal or written
  • Strict procedure is put in place with regards to the people involved in the transaction
  • No involvement of cash
  • Complete deal is carried out in a fair and phased manner
  • Preparation of memorandum of understanding
  • Stamp duty payment
  • Assistance in the execution of sale deed
  • Home loan application, etc.

In addition to this, some of the realty dealers in Mumbai also have good knowledge about local law and can really help you get through the transaction in a seamless manner. Thus, it can be concluded that hiring the services of registered dealers is far more worthy and profitable than opting for the help of those with no background.

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